Bob Meador
Christine Grimes
Barb Motley
Scott Slaybaugh
Robert Beichler
Jon "Yanni" Paxos
Alice Cleary
Michael Heggedus
All Members of the Lake High School Class of 1990 who are no longer with us.

     We started EnviroCellular because we have worked in the cellular telephone field since 1998 and decided to take what we know about cellular telephones and use it to help others. EnviroCellular cares about everyone we help. The people we help are people to us and they aren't just a number stuck in some large Corporate computer somewhere. EnviroCellular wants to help others by helping them properly reuse/recycle unwanted cellphones and raise funds and give the personal attention that everyone deserves. We believe in honest straightforward marketing. We do not imply as a company we are for one certain cause. We are here to help anyone's cause recycle cellphones to generate revenue. 
     Any cellular telephones that are recycled are sent to facilities in the USA that reclaim and recycle the phones according to US EPA guidelines. We do our best to make sure the E-Waste recycling companies we deal with do not ship these phones to developing countries for recycling.

Frank Yoder
Larry Brooks
Joe Sadler
Jeff Kinsley
Mike Kinsley
Don Shingleton
Timmy Shingleton
Marko Ladnow.

Mission Statement

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In Memory Of Family Friends:
Mr. and Mrs. Don Shelly
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Buchannon
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Whipple
Patricia "Pat" Keller
Loring Raymond
Ron Campbell

In Memory Of Family:
Lovie Andrews (Great Grandma)
Everett Lawrence (Grandpa)
Viola "June" Lawrence (Grandma)
Glenn Graber (Grandpa)
Sam Gentile 
Jeff Gallagher JR 
Ameila "Minnie" Gentile