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EnviroCellular breaks the cellphone recycling process down into reuse and recycling. There are countless cellphones that people no longer need that are perfectly good and salable. These generally are cellphones that are 3-4 years old or less, in decent condition and still function. They have a far greater value than just scrap value. Any cellphones that are obsolete, non-functioning or even broken in half are properly recycled.
     You would receive 30% of the funds from the sale of each and every one of your collected salable cellphones.Many companies have a limit on what they would pay out for a salable cellphones. We do not set any limits so you get 30% of the sale price of each salable cellphone.
     You would also receive $1.00 per pound from the recycling of any cellphones that are obsolete, non-functioning or even broken in half. These do have some value and you will receive funds from the scrap cellphones. Many companies dont offer anything for scrap cellphones but you would also receive funds from EnviroCellular for your collected scrap cellphones.
     The $1.00 per pound scrap price is actual handset weight(weight of the cellphone minus the battery.) All cellphone batteries are properly reclaimed and recycled  but do not have a per pound scrap value at the recycling facility. The value is in the scrap handsets themselves which is the $1.00 per pound.All payments for the salable and scrap cellphones are made within 90 days or less. We do our best to get the most funds out of the salable cellphones. We dont simply push them out fast for a fraction of what these salable cellphones are worth.