Shipping Instructions

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 PLEASE NOTE OUR SHIPPING ADDRESS: If your current FedEx labels do not have the following address on them please discard them and request new ones.

334 E Cherry St.
Canal Fulton,Ohio 44614  

     If you are outside of our local pickup area and will be shipping cellphones to us please refer to this section. Please contact us if you need more of our FedEx shipping labels. There is $0 cost to you for shipping cellphones to EnviroCellular .Please make sure you include your Group's name and contact info inside each box of cellphones you send. We need this information so we can make sure the cellphones are properly sorted and put in your group's processing bin we have so you receive your share of the funds when they are either sold or recycled.
     If you would please check this section before shipping any boxes of cellphones to us to make sure we will be in the office to receive your phones during the time period you'll be shipping them.