We have a zero landfill policy.Nothing toxic ends up in landfills. All cellphones,batteries and wiring are properly reused or recycled.Our process does not generate any toxic waste that ends up in landfills.

 If you are located in our local pickup area and already have a cellphone recycle program in place we can help refine it down further. We have the ability to come to your office and check over your collected cellphones. Any cellphones that have a higher value than just scrap value can be sold. We can get you more funds out of these good cellphones. Then you could continue using your current vendor to recycle the scrap cellphones. Either way you will get more out of your recycling program through EnviroCellular.

We make the recycle process simple. Anyone within our service area does not have to drop off their collected cellphones or ship them to us. We handle the picking up any collected cellphones. If you are outside of our pickup area our shipping arrangements are also very simple. There is no cost to you for this service.

    When recycling cellphones through EnviroCellular there are no contracts,hidden fees/clauses or time limits. It does not matter if you have a few dozen cellphones or a few thousand cellphones.We will assist anyone interested in recycling cellphones no matter how few or many you may have. It can be a short term or long term program. We can handle all or part of your cellphone recycling.

    Cellphones are for the most part classified in as Ewaste (electronic waste) such as old computers with little value. That is wrong. The cellphones do have value and are a form of Ewaste that can bring funds back to you by recycling them through EnviroCellular. Why throw these away or pay to have them hauled away when they will bring funds back to you?  This is an extremely simple recycling program that can very easily have great results. It does not matter if you are a small group,a Village, City or Township. EnviroCellular can help you turn peoples' unwanted cellphones into cash while keeping these out of our landfills.

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Peoples' unwanted cellular telephones are a resource that is many times overlooked.These phones do have value.At the same time if these are improperly disposed of, these contain toxins that do not belong in our landfills.These cellphones are a resource that can be used to anyones advantage.It is an extremely simple item to recycle with great potential to raise a good amount of funds very quickly.Why allow people to throw this resource away when it can be used to raise funds? EnviroCellular is here to help you tap this vast and constantly renewing resource that can be found almost everywhere.It could very easily be the most simple item you have ever recycled and one of the easiest fundraisers you will ever do.My goal is to help you tap this resource and get the most out of recycling cellphones to raise funds.

EnviroCellular is located in Historic  Canal Fulton,Ohio. Our local pickup area consists of all of the greater Akron/Canton and Cleveland area. If you are located outside of Our local pickup area anywhere in the USA or Canada We can still help you. We would pay the shipping costs for you to get your collected cellphones to Us. We would provide you with our prepaid shipping labels so there would be $0 cost to you. As a medium sized business We keep the whole. process simple. Overhead costs are kept low and we give anyone We assist on cellphone recycling the one on one attention they deserve. With low overhead costs we are able to offer more funds back to anyone recycling cellphones through EnviroCellular. Our main goal is to help anyone we assist tap this plentiful and constantly renewing resource. Please feel free to call or email us and we may answer any further questions you may have. We will be able to help make your cellphone recycling program easy and profitable.